Agency holiday cards.


You’d think an internal agency project, where you’re your own client, would yield better results. But every year, agencies crank out boring, crappy holiday cards. And now since everyone’s all Web 2.0 and shit, they crank out boring, crappy digital holiday cards.

I could fill a few thousand words posting about the bad ones. Instead, I’ll show off the decent-to-good ones. You can decide which ones are which.

Y&R Team Detroit and their customized snowman maker.

Langland does goofy do-it-yourself holiday jingles.

Traction went the simple but interesting route.

Collective London wants to know if your Twitter stream is naughty or nice.

AKQA also gets in on the Twitter thing with Resotweetion.

ASI Communications offers up some Season’s beatings. Why? No idea.

Taxi did a billion short videos from all its employees.

Yes, Creature did a singing Christmas sandwich.

And if you want to see a billion more, just search Twitter for “Agency holiday card.”

UPDATE: AdFreak has a big review of the best and the worst agency holiday cards up now.


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