Crispin does it again.


Man does Crispin ever have a knack for this kind of stuff. I honestly don’t know any other agency that could have pulled it off.

They go to Domino’s, show them focus group after focus group of people saying Domino’s pizza sucks and tastes like cardboard, convinces them to completely revamp their recipes and then makes that the centerpiece of a new campaign. They didn’t just crank out some new commercials that lied about how great the food was. Instead, they came out and said “Ok, you consumers are right. Our pizza is shit. But we’re going to change it.”

What company does that? I mean really, can you think of another company? American automakers certainly had the perfect opportunity earlier this year – and instead created insulting, crappy spots that didn’t admit to any wrong doing.

Love or hate Crispin all you want. But they go places no one else goes.



One Response to “Crispin does it again.”

  1. 1 Yum

    Maybe they just showed Dominos Management this Onion News piece.

    It’s all about trust/credibility. When clients hire bad agencies they do so because they believe they are (or need to be) smarter than the agency.

    Clients go to places like CP&B or Goodby because they are looking for outside insight that they don’t have. Clients go to places like Grey or Ogilvy because they get good discounts on media and the client has the brief ready to dictate.

    That’s why it’s so hard to turn a bad agency around.If an agency without a track record of taking risks suggested a revolutionary idea to the client. They would not trust them enough to take the plunge.

    “After all, if these people were so smart, why aren’t they working at CP&B?” šŸ˜‰

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