Is the fake holiday scam really a scam after all?


If you’re one of the three people in advertising who hasn’t yet seen Mother London’s great holiday gesture, watch the video above.

They did a clever take on those fake Nigerian spam emails we’ve all received. Not to spoil it for you, but they tried the scam thing, got one guy to bite, and decided to give him their entire holiday gift budget of $10,000. When they surprise him on camera with the dough, he in turn decides to pass it along to a real Nigerian charity.

Aww… the Christmas spirit in action.

Sorry, maybe I’m being too scrooge-like, but it seems like too convenient a set up. Just one person happened to fall for their scam email and send them their name and bank account numbers. And then that person, beyond all reason, decides to just give away ten grand. And on top of that, they just happen to find a Nigerian charity that just happens to have run out of funding?

Come on. Next you’ll tell me Santa Claus is real.


2 Responses to “Is the fake holiday scam really a scam after all?”

  1. 1 bob

    look up theo delaney

  2. If you like going down the scrooge route, check out Erik Nordenankar [guy on the left] claim the fame before Mother, the biggest drawing in the world. He caught some flack for that – He later clarified it was a bit of a fib, kinda:

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