The Dog & Pony Show most popular posts of 2009.


It’s been a crazy, crazy year for most of us. And when I started this little blog in early February, I had no idea it’d grow the way it has. I certainly couldn’t pick a favorite post in 2009, but these were the five most popular.

#5) It was a short post, but that didn’t stop you from cracking up at this Serious ad placement FAIL. And yes, we’re all still going to Hell for laughing at it.

#4) For whatever reason, “Child abuse” is a popular search term from people who end up on my blog. And they all look at this post. I can’t decide whether or not that creeps me out.

#3) How can we forget Joel Bauer? The guy who took 25 years to design his own business card and who uttered the classic phrase “It doesn’t FIT in a Rolodex because it doesn’t BELONG in a Rolodex.”

#2) The scam ad controversy blew up in the advertising world this year – and my post about how to stop fake ads forever caught the attention of the One Club, who used it nearly word-for-word in their new rules designed to stop the scammers.

#1) My own bit of investigative journalism was responsible for the most popular post of 2009 – the Play-Doh scam ad from Singapore. I knew it was fake from the second I saw it, and after several emails to parent company Hasbro, I got them to admit the ad was created and run solely for the purpose of winning awards. Hasbro also pledged they would not be entering the ad in any show.


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