Why is this even an issue?


Real Housewives “star” (I use that term loosely) and PETA fan Bethany Frankel (obviously pictured right) recently posed for some big billboard in NYC as part of their ongoing “I’d rather be naked than wear fur” campaign. Of course someone asked her if she’d been air brushed, she said no, a bunch of people freaked out, and now she’s trying to save face with some ridiculous “rogue boob” story.

I thought the rogue boob was Sarah Palin. But I digress…

Anyway why is this news? Don’t we all know by now that pictures are air brushed? Can we stop with the faux-outrage over Photoshop work? And especially in this case where they mostly just removed some shadows. And that rogue boob.

I’m more outraged that she didn’t even really pose fully nude. And that Real Housewives is an actual show.



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