10 things I plead with agencies to stop doing in 2010.


I promise this is my last “2010” post, but it must be done. We’ve heard all the predictions about the year to come. I even did one about what won’t happen (see below). But this post is about what agencies are already doing that need to stop. I beg you.

1. No more CG babies rollerskating, crawling along the highway or doing anything else.

2. Stop treating consumers like we’re morons. We know Taco Bell isn’t diet food, soda isn’t good for you, and Hershey’s chocolate syrup isn’t a good way to get calcium.

3. Stop letting your creatives do stupid shit that they think is funny but does absolutely nothing to sell the product or communicate any kind of benefit.

4. Jingles are bad. Even good jingles are bad. Bad jingles make us want to poke our ear drums out with rusty crab forks.

5. Stop pretending you know about something when you don’t.

6. Can we all just agree that the put-your-head-on-a-funny-Flash-animation thing is done? Please? I don’t ever want to see it again.

7. Let’s stop socialmedia trying to socialmedia use social media as a socialmedia solution for every socialmedia damn socialmedia client by socialmedia lying about socialmedia how effective it is.

8. Ad agencies, please stop hiring kids who can’t tell the difference between a goofy self-promo and a real concept.

9. I shouldn’t have to ask, but can we stop with the proofreading errors, more proofreading errors and misspelling your own product?

10. And finally, and most importantly, let’s make sure that agencies never, ever hire Bobcat Goldthwait to direct a commercial again.


2 Responses to “10 things I plead with agencies to stop doing in 2010.”

  1. Hmmm, not quite a clean 10/10 today…

    4. Done properly (as truck loads of research and precendent shows us) they can be HUGELY effective!
    8. If that’s the output from a creative department, the creative director either needs to invest in (or fire) junior creatives. I know which is likely to be more effective…

    But most of all, point one? Absa-fucki-lutely could not agree more!!!


    PS on the social media / proof reading front, anyone know when my tweets, status updates and general online typeage will come with a spellchecker?!

  2. 2 dognpony

    I’ve had a few people email me on the side and disagree with #4. Gatorade’s “Like Mike” was mentioned.

    But there’s a difference between a song and a jingle. A song you can listen to over and over. A jingle? No way. As good and catchy as “Like Mike” or “My bologna has a first name” are, if you had to hear them over and over, you’d go nuts.

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