This is either genius or dumb as Hell.


Can’t say I’ve ever heard of Reggie Watts, but the loyal Dog & Pony Show reader who sent this to me assures me “He’s a genius and I don’t throw that word around lightly.” I can’t decide what I think yet. This one has me stumped.

On one hand, DieHard basically just tried to ape some guy’s completely unrelated act to sell their product – and did it with a weak connection to a product benefit.

On the other hand, I’m sitting here writing a post about DieHard car batteries and I’m headed off to find out who Reggie Watts is. That’s a Hell of a lot more than I can say for any other brand of car battery.

UPDATE: He’s a genius. Just watch this.


3 Responses to “This is either genius or dumb as Hell.”

  1. Genius!

  2. Hey Matt,
    I’m glad you came over to the “genius” column.

    Yes, it’s borrowed interest. Yes, the brand advantage is debatable. But honestly, I don’t care. Bottom line—for me—it’s creative. It’s interesting. And I think it’s smart for the agency who came up with this spot to pair up with someone like Reggie to create an interest in a product that isn’t typically associated with “funny, creative or cool.”

    This will stand out far more than seeing a demo of a car start up after sitting in the snow overnight. And it’s well crafted. Isn’t that what good advertising is?

    Then again, maybe I am biased as I know Reggie and hope he benefits from the exposure.


    P.S. Want some laughs? Reggie does stand-up too. Watch this (It’s picks up at 1:21):

  3. 3 dognpony

    Yeah, I’m going to see him next Friday at the Punchline in San Francisco. Can’t wait.

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