Google Street View Ads?


From the Going Too Far File: Google has filed for a patent for “Claiming Real Estate in Panoramic or 3D Mapping Environments for Advertising.” In short, it’s technology that will allow them to map ads onto 3D objects in Google Street View, Google Earth, etc.

Just what I wanted – Google to clutter up my directions with advertising. I would suspect this has the potential for all kinds of lawsuits. Who owns a picture of a billboard and who has the right to sell that space? Or more curiously, could Google add billboards and advertisements where none existed? The last thing I want to see on Street View is Mount Rushmore brought to me by Chevy.

Gizmodo points out it could be as helpful as a theater being able to always display the current movies they’re running. I guess it’ll remain to be seen how the big G handles it.


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