Is this really a happiness factory?


Definition 6 created this fun stunt where they rigged a Coke machine in a college cafeteria to dispense not only Cokes but all sorts of stuff college kids love.

I hate to be so jaded, but this looks 100% staged. The kid’s reactions don’t seem real. (Why in the first scene with the girl with the fur hood is there a kid laughing and clapping behind her?) And did they not notice the handheld cameras filming from every conceivable angle?

Cool idea, but if they wanted me to believe it’s real, they failed.



One Response to “Is this really a happiness factory?”

  1. I’d say it was fairly convincing, except for when that guy hugs the machine and says “Thank you Coke!” He might have said “Thank you Coke machine!”, but i don’t think most college kids would automatically start thanking the company…

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