Are you a hipster art director who wears plaid flannel, grows ironic mustaches and collects skateboard deck art? Then do I have a contest for you. Pabst Blue Ribbon wants your drawing, painting, sculpture or other art for its contest.

What if you can’t draw to save your life? Well, you can enter “found” PBR art or use their Art Hacker to create your own directly on the site. And for the hipster copywriters out there, you can even submit poetry.

They’ll be giving away four grand prizes of $1893 and a year’s worth of the fine beverage.

Check it out. It’s probably the best assignment you’ll get all year.


One Response to “PBRart.”

  1. 1 OlympiaRules

    Wow. You broke down that art director description so perfectly, I’m now too ashamed to submit anything.

    To make myself feel better I’m going to pitchforkmedia.com to find out what obscure music I can impress the media girls with.

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