Stupid has the balls.


I don’t usually post on fashion campaigns because let’s be honest, they rarely have a concept behind them. They’re mostly just pretty (or weird) pictures that have nothing to do with anything – other than to show off the clothes. But this new Diesel campaign certainly has an idea behind it.

It’s nothing Earth shattering, but it’s somewhat entertaining. Watch the video for a longer anthemic explanation of the concept. Some of the executions are funny (like the one above). Others, like this one featuring an elephant, live up to the campaign line of being stupid.

So while I’m not jumping out of my seat for this campaign, it at least has a point of view.



2 Responses to “Stupid has the balls.”

  1. 1 OlympiaRules

    The real question is does fashion advertising really need an easily headline-ready concept? It always feels like they’re trying too hard with a headline or copy (the latest Levis campaign comes to mind).

    Look at American Apparel. Some of the most effective visual branding (coked out underage runaways) for a brand that is a parity product by design.

  2. 2 katelivesinbrooklyn

    For once I am not in agreement with you! I think the shameless promotion of douchebaggery in this campaign is irritating beyond belief. I have to walk through a tunnel plastered with these billboards every day, and it makes me want to shoot myself in the face. If anything, it makes me not want to wear Diesel jeans just so I don’t have to align myself with the vacuous skinny hipster flakes they’re putting forth as the it-generation born out of “Jackass” and sent here to rule the world.

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