One Super Bowl spot I won’t be watching.


I already hate Tim Tebow. Tim, we know you’re a Christian and you love God. We’ve seen a million fluff pieces about how you help your missionary parents shove their religion down other people’s throats. And now you’re going to go on TV during the Super Bowl for a homophobic, extreme right wing group like Focus in the Family and tell people they should respect your definition of the sanctity of life?


Support whatever causes you want, Tim. Just don’t expect me to listen to you preach.

7 Responses to “One Super Bowl spot I won’t be watching.”

  1. 1 Dan

    Agreed…I just wouldn’t want to say that to him on the field.

  2. 2 Mike

    Buuuuut, aren’t you preaching right now?

  3. 3 Kinsella

    Sharing your opinions on religion = morally repulsive.
    Sharing your opinions on advertising = hipster cool.

    Got it. Thanks.

  4. 4 dognpony

    Actually, the fact is if he were doing this on his own personal blog, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    There’s a time and a place for everything. And just like I wouldn’t go to Tebow’s church and interrupt a service with my Doritos ad, he should realize that his religious beliefs aren’t something that should be shouted in every venue just because he has access.

  5. 5 Kinsella

    I hear you. But access to advertising venues is pretty much open to the highest bidder, no? If so, then a “time and place for everything” doesn’t really apply. Maybe that explains why I see Viagra ads while watching baseball with my son. Or see ads for dating sites that encourage me to cheat on my wife. (Where’s the outrage for that little nuggest of integrity in advertising by the way?)

    At least Tebow believes in what he’s saying. Something that can’t be said for a lot of celebrity endorsers that are just phoning it in for a paycheck.

    And hey, don’t give up on that Doritos-in-church idea, as long you put a little something in the collection plate.

    Good talk, Russ. Good talk.

  6. 6 fairplay

    “religious beliefs aren’t something that should be shouted in every venue just because you have access.”

    …unless you’re an atheist group with an ad budget.

  7. 7 dognpony

    But advertising’s not open to the highest bidder. There are plenty of spots/messages networks reject. And things like hard alcohol or cigarettes couldn’t get their message on TV if they wanted to.

    (Great idea for a post on the cheating-on-your-wife sites. I’ll have to write something on that soon.)

    And for the record, while I think the Atheist ads are interesting, I have the same opinion – not really appropriate. Religion is about as personal as you can get and broadcast TV (or outdoor boards) are about as impersonal as you can get.

    Wrong medium for the message.

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