Ad Relief: Haiti 52


9/11. Katrina. The tsunami. It seems like whenever there’s a disaster, the ad community comes together in a multitude of ways to offer help and support. Now that the scope of the tragedy in Haiti is slowly starting to reveal its true self, it’s time for us to help again.

I know dozens of ad folks who immediately texted money to the Red Cross and many are helping in other ways as well. But I’d like to ask that anyone reading this become a fan of the Ad Relief: Haiti 52 Facebook page. (Full disclosure, the agency I’m working for created this page.)

The idea is to rally the ad community (and friends of the ad community) and keep them informed about the disaster for 52 straight weeks, with a focus on news and information you generally won’t find on the standard news outlets like CNN. We’ll also be keeping people updated on other ad community efforts, and for those in San Francisco, we’ll be organizing a fundraising event or two.

Thanks in advance for your support.


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