Explain to your wife you’re working on this client.


If you’ve watched any late night TV, you might have seen the ads for AshleyMadison.com – the online dating site for people who are married. (Yes, you read that right.) Apparently this one even ran in Texas during the Super Bowl.

But now more and more places are refusing to run ads that encourage cheating. In Toronto, the Toronto Transit Commission recently rejected streetcar advertising (above) and they’ve been banned from running online ads on MSN. More media outlets I’m sure are soon to follow.

The bigger questions is, does banning advertising we don’t like put us on a slippery slope? (A slope I admittedly started down with yesterday’s Tim Tebow post.) Or is it a good thing to not have to watch this crap? What should we be able to advertise? Or are we going to leave it up to the whims of the FCC?

So where do we draw the line? Should there be a line at all? Why should an ad for adultery (which is illegal in many states) be ok when legal cigarettes can’t be shown on TV? I certainly don’t have the answers. But it’s an interesting subject for discussion.


One Response to “Explain to your wife you’re working on this client.”

  1. 1 James

    I dont think this campaign provides any more credibility to adultery than the average soap opera, movie or celebrity trash mag!

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