More painful than the dentist.


Maybe it’s because I have the coolest dentist in the world who I was friends with for years before she ever worked on my teeth. Or maybe it’s because I hate puns with a passion. But I can’t imagine my dentist ever sending these reminder cards. And if she did, I’d have to question both our personal and professional relationship.

Periodontists of the Caribbean? The Gums of Navarone? Dental Plan 9 from Outer Space?

Are you fucking kidding me?

Really, check out the site. It’s full of the most groan-inducing copywriting you’ve ever seen. Avatartar? Seriously?


2 Responses to “More painful than the dentist.”

  1. 1 Steven Reinstein

    I have to disagree with you.

    For years, I’ve received the same dumb, cheesy cartoon postcards from various dentists.

    So I went to that site, and was very amused.

    These were refreshing and different, and quite innovative.

    Your dentist would probably love them!


  2. 2 Madison Morris

    I will agree w/Steven.

    Although I would tread gently with new clients (different sense of humor in the mailing group, different levels of pop culture awareness, concern about the dentist interest in pop culture vs interest in e.g. becoming a 100% most pain-free practice) I think I would definitely keep that kind of an appointment reminder on my fridge.

    I dunno, maybe a close up of gingivitis bacteria for more sophisticated types (check out e.g. ) on a shiny postcard w/clever copy..?

    just for fun you can also see burgers and fries also photographed via electron microscope here:

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