The _______ Egotist.


For a while now, The Denver Egoist has not only been the main voice of the Denver ad community, they’ve been one of my favorite spots to visit for great creative, insightful and entertaining commentary, and a mix of stuff you don’t see elsewhere. Those cats run a nice operation out there. So nice in fact, that they’re offering it up to you and your city.

They just recently redesigned their site and I have to say it’s pretty slick. But even better, they’re providing the platform it’s built on for intrepid bloggers to become a part of the Egotist Network and host a version of the site that’s specific to your city.

“Any motivated individual now has access to a proven system for bringing their local community together and making money doing it,” said Ben Pieratt, Creative Director for The Egotist Network. “Very few existing sites promote their local creative scene. Given our experience with Denver and the conversations we’re currently having with other cities, this is something that’s clearly in high demand wherever you live.”

It’s an awesome opportunity. I can’t wait to see one pop up in San Francisco. Check out the details here.


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