Wow technology.


I usually don’t get too wowed by gimmicky web technology. Mostly it’s either too much trouble to deal with, doesn’t work right, or isn’t really all that cool. I also hate it when people instantly make it out to be the best thing since sliced bread, even though it really doesn’t do anything. (Fouresquare to the white courtesy phone please…)

But Immersive Media is not that. Finally, a cool technology where I can immediately see applications that go far beyond the demos they offer. How far off until the NFL suspends one of these overhead and lets web users be their own, live cameramen? Or until they mount one of these on a luge for the Winter Olympics? I bet you money Red Bull jumps all over this for their airplane racing series or even their soapbox derby. The running of the bulls with Immersive Media? Yes please. Discovery Channel Shark Week? Absolutely.

Very cool stuff. Can’t wait for the right opportunity to use it.



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