Why are political ads so terrible?


I know they usually have to crank these things out quickly to take advantage of a news cycle. But why on Earth do political ads have to be so horrendously bad?

Take this one for banking reform from Americans United for Change. I could go through the 50 reasons why it’s really, really terrible, but that would be a waste of time.

It’s only running in Washington D.C., so it’s aimed at members of Congress and policy wonks, but do they really think anyone is going to take them seriously with the announcer and music from Hee-Haw, ridiculous graphics and poorly-mixed pig squeals? (God I hope that’s the only time in my career where I discuss the sound levels of swine runts.)

Here’s my advice: You spend millions lobbying Congress. Spend just a little of that on your strategy, creative and production please.

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