Quick Super Bowl commercial thoughts.


No, I’m not going to do a Best of/Worst of list. But here are a few quick thoughts from tonight’s game.

Who the Hell decided to run two spots with pantsless guys back-to-back in one commercial pod (Career Builder and Dockers), Bette White and Tim Tebow’s mom both getting blindsided, and then two spots with midgets back-to-back (Dr. Pepper and truTV)?

Is this the first Super Bowl in history where the second half spots are better than the first half?

Was there really a masturbation joke in that Megan Fox commercial?

Did any of you go see the rest of the “uncensored” Go-Daddy commercial on their website? (That’s rhetorical by the way.)

I will have nightmares about screaming chickens.

Can I never see another talking baby again?


One Response to “Quick Super Bowl commercial thoughts.”

  1. 1 OlympiaRules

    Not paying too much attention, but oddly I found the Google ad the most affecting. It was believable, connecting and brought attention to how much part of our lives that brand is.

    Or perhaps it was refreshing to not see jokes for jokes sake.

    Why does Google need to advertise search? I think this was more setting up brand loyalty for future products (phones, Chrome, etc). Or perhaps to help boost lagging online ad sales.

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