Changing a brand.


I love when an agency takes a big, boring, old brand and turns it into something better. I’ve worked on enough big brands to know that feat is like the Titanic trying to nimbly maneuver around an iceberg. That’s why I love W+K’s Old Spice work.

Not only does this stuff crack me up, there’s an actual product benefit in there as well. To be a fly on the wall when they presented this campaign…

Nice work Wieden (again).

One Response to “Changing a brand.”

  1. 1 Yum

    This is the .001% of advertising that keeps you in the business thinking “if I could just get the opportunity to do one like that…”

    Like chipping in from off the green on a 125 round that brings you back to the golf course. But I guess this is more like watching a real pro do it.

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