Don’t pity a shelter dog. Adopt one.


Full disclosure: I’m a sucker for dogs. I like them more than about 95% of people. And I currently have three shelter dogs that no one else wanted.

That said, this commercial for the Pedigree Adoption Drive is really, really nice. (Sorry, it’s not on YouTube yet – just their FB page.) It gets away from the save-the-poor-doggy line of reasoning to adopt and portrays shelter dogs as beautiful, noble and wise. Great cinematography, music and VO as well.

“Don’t pity a shelter dog. Adopt one.”


3 Responses to “Don’t pity a shelter dog. Adopt one.”

  1. 1 Nicole

    i love my shelter mutt!! Nice motto.

  2. 2 Caroline

    i absolutely love this commercial. I think it portrays these shelter dogs as they are.

  3. Do you know about Pedigree’s most recent promotion for bloggers? If you write a blog about their adoption drive, by Sept 19th, they will donate a 20 lb. bag of food to a shelter….

    Check out the posting on my site for details….

    Just wanted to spread the word…..hope to see your post soon!!!

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