Let’s outrage people!


Check out these anti-abortion billboards that recently went up in Atlanta claiming that “black children are an endangered species.”

“I think it’s necessary,” Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy adviser for Operation Rescue, said of the billboard campaign. “Abortion in the black community is at epidemic proportions. They’re not really aware of what’s actually going on. If it shocks people … it should be shocking.”


It should be compelling. Compelling gets you to do something. Shocking is not compelling. Regardless of what you think of the subject matter, this is bad advertising.



One Response to “Let’s outrage people!”

  1. 1 Really?

    I’m curious if there was any statistics to motivate this message. Is the African American population under 5 years old in Atlanta is not dropping at an alarming rate?

    The article mentions that black women have a greater number of abortions than white women, but doesn’t put that in relation to the number of pregnancies or babies born. Without that information the numbers are pointless.

    Like with any client/product falling in love with a catchy concept that isn’t based on a truth or insight does not make for an effective strategy.

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