What would you pay for online?


Research like this cracks me up. It just proves that consumers are insane.

Nielsen asked more than 27,000 people in 52 countries their feelings on paying for various forms of content online. You can read the recap here. Honestly, there’s nothing super surprising in it. But what makes me laugh are nuggets like these:

64% who believe that if they must pay for content online, there should be no ads. Do those same people realize they pay for cable tv with ads? Or movies with ads? Magazines? Newspapers? In almost no medium does your payment cover the entire cost.

62% believe that once they purchase content, it should be theirs to copy or share with whomever they want. So they’re happy to throw out copyright laws and make it nearly impossible for content providers to make money off multiple people. But they don’t want ads either.

Nearly eight out of every ten (79%) would no longer use a web site that charges them, presuming they can find the same information at no cost. Gee, really? People won’t pay for free content? Thanks for that genius insight.


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