Your first ad here.


My first job out of college was at an agency in Boise, Idaho. Yes, Boise. All my friends were going to bigger name agencies and working for free while getting coffee or writing BRC copy, while I was producing radio spots the very first week I showed up, and TV within a month. Sure, it was small market with a lowercase s, but I was basically given free, unsupervised reign to do whatever I wanted. The result was what you’d expect – some cool work intermixed among shit that looked exactly like student work.

But I wish I still had my first ad from my time in Boise, because I could post it on Freshmen Ads.

This site is collecting the very first ad made by ad professionals of all ilk. Just send them a jpg and tell them your story. They’ll even take your story if you don’t have the original. The site is new, so not a ton is posted just yet, but it’s worth a look just to see that even famous ad guys like Luke Sullivan even produced crap the first time out.


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