Love this commercial for… um… who again?


Love the super simple premise.

Love the crazy-ass human bungee slingshot thingy.

Love they didn’t over-produce the hell out of it.

Hate that 10 seconds after watching it, I couldn’t remember who it was for or what model they were advertising. And hate that, sadly, it didn’t matter because you could substitute almost any car that’s not a Toyota and people would believe it.

One Response to “Love this commercial for… um… who again?”

  1. Great points… so well put.

    And isn’t that the issue with so much advertising today?

    “Oh, it’s SO entertaining! SO clever! SO fascinating! Now… what the hell are they selling, and who’s selling it?”

    It’s the Ty-D-Bowl school of advertising. Pour all your money into this nice shiny porcelain bowl… and FLUSH!

    Keep up the great work.

    Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S.
    Direct Response Surgeon(tm)
    Author of: “CA$HVERTISING”

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