Maybe we couldn’t think of a real connection to the product


I was going to post about this yesterday after the Oscars, but it ran so often last night that I just needed a 24-hour break. It’s a spot by GlaxoSmithKline about cervical cancer. And while the stat that another woman gets diagnosed every 47 minutes is a sobering one, the premise of the commercial is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in a while.

“Maybe it’s unfair to get your attention this way…” the voice over intones. No, it’s not unfair, it’s just lame. Spending the first 20 seconds of your spot on something completely unrelated to your point is a lazy, poorly-concepted hack job I’d expect from a first-year ad student, not from an Oscar commercial. Next to using a semi-curse word in a headline or a penis joke innuendo, it’s about the lowest form of creativity I can think of. The voice over may as well have said “Maybe we couldn’t think of a real connection to the product…”


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  1. 1 adchick

    I heard Glaxo was in trouble, laying people off. (Friend has a friend who works for them.) Might explain this crappy, pedestrian piece of work.

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