Missing out on the fanatical consumers.


You’ve got to love fanatical consumers. And if the stories and websites that have sprung up around McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes are any indication, the fans are certainly out there.

True story: In college, when my best friend was in France on exchange, I spent $80 to send him 4 Shamrock Shakes packed in dry ice via DHL. So I know about that which I speak.

But with such a huge seasonal blockbuster on their hands, McD’s does a remarkably poor job of taking advantage of the situation. Many McDonald’s don’t even offer the green masterpiece, others don’t seem to know how to make them correctly, and of the ones that are offering them, many are cutting them off weeks before the big day.

Seems like a huge missed opportunity if you ask me. Why aren’t McDonald’s and their agencies taking advantage of this?

2 Responses to “Missing out on the fanatical consumers.”

  1. agreed! talk about missing a golden (arches) opportunity!

    when my father informed my seven-year-old girl that he was treating himself to a shamrock shake for his 79th birthday, my daughter whispered into my ear “grandpa’s pretty lucky!”

    unfortunately, she missed out on the fact that she made an awesome pun.

    too bad mcdonald’s continues to miss out on the opportunity to leverage the power of the shamrock shake brand! there’s a bucket full of nostalgia behind this brand and why mcdonald’s doesn’t take full advantage of it is a complete mystery to me.

    well done dog & pony show!

    i completely agree! (jm)


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