There’s an app for that.


There are 400 billion trillion iPhone apps out there. It’s a fact. Look it up. So it’s rare you find an original one. But check out PinPointsX – the app that lets you find people close by when you need a no-strings-attached hookup.

Basically, you fill out a standard profile and PinPointsX will tell you (via a “Passion Map”) if there’s a match nearby. They denote regular members as well as “professional members” (which has a terrible double meaning if it turns out to be a guy.) And they even offer geo-located suggestions for meet-up spots (hotels, motels, etc.)

If I could place money on the major traffic times for this app? Weekday lunchtime would be #2, but nothing’s going to beat closing time at the bars when all the horny, drunk-ass single people who haven’t picked up someone yet get desperate.

No word if Durex, Astroglide or the nearest doctor with STD meds will be doing in-app advertising.

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