BMW takes a new tact.


For years, decades even, BMW has stuck to one singular idea: The Ultimate Driving Machine. If you go back and look at their advertising, it didn’t even show people – you didn’t see a driver, people around the car, no one. All they cared about was their product. It set them apart as being more serious about cars.

But now they obviously have a new strategy. It’s now all about “Joy” and lots of smiling people. It’s a huge departure for the brand and I can’t say I really dig it. The first 50 seconds is vintage BMW. The last 10 seconds? Generic, generic, generic.

2 Responses to “BMW takes a new tact.”

  1. 1 blujez

    An attempt to overcome their awful image no doubt. Trying to win over women by becoming more friendly. When it runs in the UK it is utterly unconvincing.

  2. 2 nik

    Agreed, the ‘Joy’ campaign doesn’t seem to fit BMW that well, and seems a little over-the-top. Who is actually THAT happy? BMW should remain a driver-oriented brand. It should have stayed focused on the serious, exhilarating-sort-of fun, not the all-smiley-lets-hold-hands type of fun.

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