Disgustingly funny.


This weekend, during the NCAA Tournament, I saw this Axe Dry spot – and not long after that I saw a friend post on Facebook “The axe armpit commercial makes me want to vomit.”

Personally? I kind of like it.

Sure, it’s gross. But it’s so over-the-top that it doesn’t really matter. It’s attention grabbing, memorable and actually shows a product feature and consumer benefit. You could do a whole lot worse than that – especially in a historically boring category like anti-perspirant.


2 Responses to “Disgustingly funny.”

  1. i saw it today during a game too. very memorable and attention grabbing indeed. It was a great ad. The ad ppl for Axe have been doing a great job for the brand.

  2. The fact that it is SOOOO Over the Top is what saves it. If you’re an 18-25 year old male, then cool. If you’re a 50+ female from Hooterville, then it make you want to vomit. 🙂

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