Bottled water sucks.


By now, we all know bottled water is evil – resources, waste, all that bad stuff. But now Annie Leonard (who did the wonderful “Story of Stuff” video) is back with “The Story of Bottled Water.”

She’s got a knack for making something truly fun out of subjects that could be deathly boring – and this one’s no exception. We should all take note that it doesn’t take a billion dollars worth of CGI, celebrity spokespeople or a shoot in Belize to produce something that’s both entertaining and effective. It just takes a great idea and a knack for story telling.

One Response to “Bottled water sucks.”

  1. 1 Ben Greenberg

    Thanks, Matt. Saw the Story of Stuff a couple of years ago, but hadn’t seen this one yet. Definitely going to pass it on.

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