Don’t tell me my sucky team sucks.


It’s a great hypocrisy with sports fans – they can go to a game and chant the entire time about how badly their team sucks… but if you tell them that? They’ll kick your ass.

Which is pretty much what happened to the Buffalo Bills.

The team sent out a flier to season ticket holders asking them to renew for the 2010 season and cleverly inserted an individualized message into the scoreboard on the picture. The problem? The picture was of the team punting out of its own endzone during a game they would lose 6-3 against another terrible team (the Cleveland Browns) – one of the more pathetic things a football team can do.

Of course Bills fans are outraged with some going as far as to say “This picture encapsulates exactly why I will not be renewing my season tickets this year.”

The Bills are defending the mailer claiming that the punter in the picture is “a good player on the field and a good guy off the field.” No word on whether they plan to use O.J. Simpson in their next mailing.



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