Hey kids. This is advertising!


A BoingBoing.com reader noticed this weird disclaimer on the official Ronald McDonald site. I’m sure it has something to do with laws about advertising to kids, but it’s done in such an odd, overly-obvious way that I instantly question the motives behind it. Had it been written or positioned differently, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it.

Funny? Strange? Honest? Disconcerting? I can’t decide which.


3 Responses to “Hey kids. This is advertising!”

  1. 1 HK

    Seems like they want the response. “Wow! Advertising is so coo!! I love and trust advertising!”

    What’s missing from this disclaimer is what I always tell my toddler when she gets fixated on a TV spot. “That’s just someone trying to sell you something”

  2. 2 Kate de Longpre'

    Is it any wonder that McDonald’s is worried about Ronald’s image with websites like this out there. http://retireronald.org/ People are pushing for Ronald McDonald to be “retired” because he is, “pushing fatty food on kids” much in the same way Joe Camel was taken away for selling cigs to kids. Is it the same thing? You be the judge.

  3. Odd but hopefully actually aimed at honesty.

    Probably only works in a beneficial way if
    a) the kid can read and
    b) if parents have explained what advertising is.

    I’m with HK – they need ‘advertising’ to spelled out as ‘people trying to sell you something because they want to make money off you’ and it probably needs to be said, not written if they actually want the info to be out there for all kids.

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