Fine. I’ll post about it.


I wanted to resist, but hell, everyone else is already discussing the new Tiger Woods’ Nike spot featuring his dead father’s voice over. My thoughts?

It somehow makes Tiger seem even more robotic and unlikable (which, after his astoundingly bad press conferences recently, was thought to be nearly impossible). Knowing that his dead dad is talking to him is just creepy as hell. And I leave thinking “What the fuck was that?” instead of “Hey, I need to go buy some Nike golf shoes.”

Wieden + Kennedy handled the Kobe Bryant return from scandal absolutely masterfully. This time? It seems almost as reckless and weird as Tiger’s auto accident that kicked off his downfall.

Personally, I wouldn’t have done anything until after the Masters ends. Then I would have run a beautifully-shot montage of his most incredible golf shots to remind us why he’s really important to golf fans in the first place – and end it with a single title card: “Welcome back, Tiger.”

UPDATE: You knew someone would do a hilarious remix of this.


One Response to “Fine. I’ll post about it.”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. It was reckless and weird. Over at Gods of Advertising, Steffan (there’s quite a commentary going on there) has wished he had done this spot. I guess I’m from the old school of advertising that commercials need to sell somebody something. And in this case, it certainly does not.

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