It’s baseball season… unfortunately.


I’ve worked on a baseball account, so I know the challenges – players who can’t (or don’t want to) deliver a line, limited budgets, limited access to stars and for some reason a strange habit of wanting to focus on the stadium and not the game or the team. So when complied its list of the Top Ten MLB Team Commercials for 2010, I didn’t have high hopes. And I was right.

The A’s stuff is decent. At least it focuses on the players. As does the should-be-funnier Mariners spots. And the Twins spot isn’t horrible, although it doesn’t really make me want to go see a game. Then it goes downhill from there.

There’s the weird Pirates spot that focuses more on the Super Bowl than it does baseball, the horrible, horrible Mets spot from a campaign that I’ve ripped on before, and some truly embarrassing Rockies commercials.

Sigh… A MLB team should be a prime account. Why are they usually such duds?


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