The future is now.


About a year ago, I wrote a post about the future of advertising. The general premise was that with all the smart, creative people working in agencies, it made a ton of sense for them to go around the middleman (the client) and start producing direct-to-consumer products of their own. By transitioning some of their revenue to a stream they controlled directly, it would allow agencies to smooth out some of the ups and downs so prevalent in our industry.

Well 72andSunny’s Venture Creativity division in L.A. did just that and announced the launch of their first consumer product – the Nook Sleep System. It’s a breathable, green alternative to standard children’s bedding. 72andSunny developed everything from product design, packaging and brand identity to design, point of sale, PR and the Nook website.

“We decided that if we got in the product business we didn’t want to just re-skin a vodka bottle or put a polish on an existing product. We wanted to innovate in an area that will bring real value to people,” said John Boiler, co-Founder, 72andSunny.

Here’s hoping this product takes off for them and that other agencies follow the trend. If done right, it’s a really smart way to make your agency into more than just an agency.



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