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I’ve mentioned on this site before that I love dogs. More than most people. But I’m sorry – my love of dogs is not enough reason to buy a boat. This has to be one of the craziest reasons to buy something I’ve seen in a while. I mean really, who says to themselves “You […]

I’m lovin’ it. Via.

This made me laugh out loud today. Apparently Republicans created some social media stunt called “America Speaking Out” where they asked “real” Americans how to run our country.¬†Of course when you’re the party of crazy people and you jump into user-submitted content, you get gems like this: “End Child Labor Laws,” suggests one helpful participant. […]

You unwittingly sexually harass every pre-teen in America. Via.

“So we’ll get the rights to this peppy song that talks about people dancing… and then we’ll film all kinds of people dancing… but with grills and spatulas and shit! Yeah… that’s it… we can probably even score a sweet Airstream from my hipster neighbor… and I have an African American cousin who’s cute as […]

The good: JWT avoided talking babies or CG babies doing wacky tricks. The bad: The terrible voice-over. The fact that it tries to be funny but isn’t. The lack of a concept. The ridiculous music. The ugly: The realization that what we’ve come to as a society is selling “limited edition” diapers that resemble blue […]

I mean seriously. What are we doing?