Advertising to kids that doesn’t kill your soul.


Advertising cigarettes is creepy. So is advertising an oil company. And right behind those two come advertising to kids. It’s always seemed pretty slimy to make impressionable kids desperately need sugary cereal or the latest Barbie. But here’s one new website I really like that’s aimed at the young ‘uns.

It’s from the Federal Trade Commission and it’s called I’ll let them take it from here:

Admongo is designed to equip kids ages 8 to 12 with critical thinking skills they can use to understand advertising messages. Through – a game-based website – as well as a free in-school curriculum, a packet of sample ads, and several family activities, the Admongo campaign aims to teach kids to recognize commercial messages and prompts them to ask some key questions when they see them.

It’s a nicely done site with some fun stuff for the pre-teen set and, as mentioned above, they’ve got school curriculum, ads and more. If my daughter was older, I’d definitely have her check it out… assuming she didn’t learn it all already from deal old dad.


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