Some things to think about.


• Despite all the iPhone/Android hype and app store hysteria, fewer than 2 in 10 Americans own smart phones. Think about that before you try and convince your client they’ve just GOT to be in the mobile space.

• Think about this. FourSquare is the hottest advertising bandwagon around. According to Quantcast, they average about 1350 visitors per day. That’s just a little more than this blog averages in the same time period.

• Roughly 1 out of every 3 Americans still does not have access to broadband. Think about that the next time you create your Flashtastic microsite that takes a minute to load over your agency’s T1 line.

Look, I work at a digital agency, so I’m not against any of these things. I just think when we’re in our advertising bubble and it seems like everyone we know owns an iPhone or has a Twitter account, we can lose track of how the real world actually connects with marketing messages. We all need to step back and ask ourselves if we’re doing things because they’re the best way to communicate with consumers or if we’re doing it just because they’re cool, new, or something all our other ad friends are doing.


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