10 other ways to become a better creative.


Makin’ Ads has a great post on how to become a better creative. Every single one of the ten is solid. Do them all now. In addition to the ten featured in their post, I’d submit a few more:

11. Be a student of advertising. I’m shocked at how many ad people don’t really follow what’s going on in their own industry. They don’t know who has what accounts. They don’t pay attention to all the great new ideas getting produced. They don’t understand the latest technologies or strategies. And they don’t know any history of advertising beyond when they were in college.

12. Get out of the ad bubble. We see it all in advertising. We dissect ads like no one else does. What we’ve seen before, the average person hasn’t. We forget that most people don’t have fast internet connections or smart phones. Break out of the ad bubble once in a while and understand how real people live and interact with advertising.

13. Learn another job. If you’re a copywriter – learn about the principles of design. If you’re an art director – try concepting by writing headlines. If you’re an account person – come up with your own ad based on the creative brief you wrote and present it during the internal review. Not only will you develop a better understanding of how tough each job is, you’ll also learn how to better communicate feedback and ideas.

14. Develop a thick skin. I can’t tell you the number of creatives I’ve met who, after the first internal review I did with them, I knew they wouldn’t make it in this business. You absolutely cannot take things personally. You won’t survive. In fact, if someone doesn’t like one of your ideas, the best response is that of confidence – “Ok, I’ll just go back and do another great idea.” There’s always another idea. Always.


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  1. 1 Steven

    Ugh. I’ve never been good at #11. Of course, that’s one of the reasons I read your blog.

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