Is “Exit Through the Gift Shop” a hoax?


So this is going to sound like Monday Morning Quarterbacking, but when I saw the trailer for Banksy’s “Exit Through The Gift Shop” my first thought was “Man, that main character looks like someone out of Waiting for Guffman.” He just seemed too goofy to be real and the story behind how this movie came about just seemed to farcical.

Apparently, Fast Company thinks like I do. They’re out with an article about how the Banksy movie may be a hoax. And it’s pretty convincing.

Either way, I’ll still go see the movie. But I’ll definitely be watching it from a different perspective when I do.


One Response to “Is “Exit Through the Gift Shop” a hoax?”

  1. 1 Nicole

    I loved it, but we all thought the same thing when we saw it. If it is fake, I still think that makes it even more awesome and even more of statement than the one made in the film itself. It’s like that whole show within a show thing!

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