A challenge for my readers.


I challenge my readers to watch this video once and tell me what it’s for, what the product is and what a single consumer benefit is.


3 Responses to “A challenge for my readers.”

  1. 1 dennis

    It’s for Cadberry Crunchy Rocks. Apparently, they thought the word “Rocks” in the product name would make a funny link between candy and a cheesy 1970s-80s style rock concert. Oh, I get it, the 70s and 80s were funny, right?.. Right?

  2. 2 dognpony

    I didn’t catch that it was Cadbury the first time. Or the second. And I have no idea what “Crunchy Rocks” are. Pop rocks-like candy? A cookie with crunchy bits of chocolate in it? No clue…

  3. 3 Buddy

    The only thing that stood out to me was the blatant rip off of the John Hamm SNL skit of the curse of the sexy latin sax player (Sergio?). And the sense that the whole thing is borrowed from the White Gold milk campaign.

    Ahh advertising creatives. Neither practical nor original.

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