Manufactured hype.


If this French McDonalds ad was about a boy who was in love with a girl instead of another boy, no one would be talking about it. So while on the surface it’s great that McD’s isn’t afraid of gay-themed ads, it smacks of premeditated opportunism. God, sometimes I wish I wasn’t so cynical, but I think we can both imagine exactly how the agency/client meetings on this spot went.


One Response to “Manufactured hype.”

  1. 1 dennis

    Agency/Client Meeting:

    Shirt #1: (in French) “Our research shows that we aren’t testing well among…., you know, homosexuals.”

    Shirt #2: “I think we can change that by portraying them positively in a commercial. And create a lot of buzz.”

    Shirt #3: “You think that could be kind of…. awkward?”

    Shirt #1: “Is there someone else in the room?”

    Shirt #2: “I didn’t hear anything.”

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