Two things that’ll never happen.


1. You win the lottery.

2. Anything in this commercial happens when you win.

I admit I’m a little biased, because long ago I had an unnamed lottery as a client and they were horrible. But at least the spots I did for them made sense. This one for the New Zealand Lottery isn’t even close. “Everything can change in an instant”? Really? If I win a scratch-off game I can kick a soccer ball that turns into doves?

Seems to me, if you made millions in lottery winnings, you could afford a better song than “The Greatest American Hero” theme song.



One Response to “Two things that’ll never happen.”

  1. 1 Buddy

    Matt. Matt, Matt. You’re so literal. It’s about the FEELING you get when you win $2. The real benefit of “now I can feed the meter!” is just not as compelling. 😉

    The lawn bowlers exploding in space saves it for me.

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