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Whatever copywriter wrote this back in the day sold his soul. Talk about fear tactics… Via. Advertisements


I see a lot of bad advertising. But it takes a special breed of pure, absolute shit to actually get me physically pissed off. I thought SoBe’s dancing lizards were the lowest of the low, but then they put out this. It makes me embarrassed to be in advertising.

By all accounts, Sony’s BetaMax was better technology than VHS, but for a variety of reasons, we know which one won out. However it wasn’t because of this commercial gem. Racing to the TV? Classic. And back then, who could have guessed that tape machines would get to be smaller than a twin bed? Via.

Hello Kitty 5W-30 car oil? Sure, why not? Via.

This will give me nightmares for weeks.

Creative 1: “I can’t believe he bought the joke concept we presented. Creative 2: “That’s the LAST FUCKING TIME we do that! Via.