How sweet is this? The iconic Chuck Taylors meet the iconic Dr. Seuss. Big props to Converse for letting their brand loose like this. Could you ever imagine Nike doing something like this?



2 Responses to “IwantIwantIwant.”

  1. 1 EyeOfTheTiger

    The question is would it be appropriate for Nike to do something like this? All Star is the right fit (excuse the pun) for this. There would be outrage if Nike did it.

    Nike does cross brand limited editions. The Heineken one leaps to mind. And Adidas and Mark Ecko did Star Wars as well.

  2. 2 Eric

    Beyond Tiger’s comment, Nike seems to know how to manage its brands appropriately: they *own* Converse, and thus allow it to be something other than just a shittier extension of their line.

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