Here’s why I love Woot.


A while back when Woot was bought by, they showed their true colors in a hilarious email sent by the CEO to the entire company. I already liked Woot before I read that. Afterwards? I loved them. And after seeing this, I have a full-on man crush.

If you weren’t aware, the Associated Press has been supposedly charging bloggers to use quotes from their articles. For a price, you can “license” short sentences of what that write. Well, with a practice so fucking ridiculous as that, you can imagine what Woot did when the AP used parts of their post on the purchase.

Yes. They sent an invoice to the AP.

“The AP, we can’t thank you enough for looking our way. You see, when we showed off our good news on Wednesday afternoon, we expected we’d get a little bit of attention. But when we found your little newsy thing you do, we couldn’t help but notice something important. And that something is this: you printed our web content in your article! The web content that came from our blog! Why, isn’t that the very thing you’ve previously told nu-media bloggers they’re not supposed to do?

So, The AP, here we are. Just to be fair about this, we’ve used your very own pricing scheme to calculate how much you owe us. By looking through the link above, and comparing your post with our original letter, we’ve figured you owe us roughly $17.50 for the content you borrowed from our blog post, which, by the way, we worked very very hard to create. But, hey. We’re all friends here. And invoicing is such a hassle in today’s paperless society, are we right? How about this: instead of cutting us a check for the web content you liberated from our site, all you’ll need to do is show us your email receipt from today’s two pack of Sennheiser MX400 In-Ear Headphones, and we’ll call it even.”



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