Give it a rest, people.


You work at a job in your hometown. Everyone knows and loves you. But you have a chance to move to an exciting city, pay no state taxes, work with your best friends, and win the most-coveted award in your field. What do you do?

You do the exact same thing LeBron did. So for the Plain Dealer to run this ad (“7 years in Cleveland. No Rings.”) seems a little disingenuous. Get over it.


One Response to “Give it a rest, people.”

  1. 1 dennis

    If given the same opportunity, I would refrain from the self-aggrandizing one-hour television special where I give my home town a good old fashioned wedgie, followed by a purple nurple and then look surprised and hurt when they burn my jersey in effigy.

    We are all guilty of building up the egos of these people and buying into the hype. It’s completely our fault. But, like it or not, there is a relationship between players and fans. If the players don’t care, eventually, neither will the fans.

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