Friday FAIL: Vaseline’s Facebook app in India.


From the ridiculously true file: Vaseline has created a “skin-lightening” Facebook app in India so that men can “transform your face on Facebook with Vaseline Men.”

Sorry, but that’s so wrong.



6 Responses to “Friday FAIL: Vaseline’s Facebook app in India.”

  1. and Americans are obsessed with tans…..

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  2. This may offend our racial sensibilities, but no such context exists in Indian culture. While white Americans love the “healthy” glow of a tan, Indians want to look less mocha and more latte. Two halves of the same coin.

  3. 3 Amy Johnson

    I agree with cavcopy. I saw tons of adds for covergirl (and other such) skin lighteners while I was in India last year. Granted, the majority of the adds I saw were aimed at women… maybe it’s the fact that this product is for men that disturbs? or at least gets your attention.

  4. 4 dognpony

    So I presume, based on your comments, you wouldn’t be offended at a cream marketed to black people to make their lips smaller? Or to Japanese people to change the look of their eyes?

    I find it revolting that there are products designed to make people seem more caucasian. It just reinforces the ugly stereotype that white people are better and everyone should look like us.

  5. 5 Joe

    You’re missing cavcopy’s point and you’re projecting our white guilt on their culture. For instance lighter skin is prefered in some Asian countries because it’s a sign that you don’t work outside (you’re wealthy). It may go as far back as fuedal Japan. Nothing to do with westerners. Hard to say what the influence is with India because they do have a history with Britan. FWIW I know Indians who do this to their facebook pics on their own already.

  6. 6 Joe

    Of course the hot new thing is “Disney Eyes” via the Lady GaGa video for Poker Face. So even a Caucasian asthetic will soon be replaced by the completely digitaly created standard of beauty. Something for all of us with daughters to look forward to. (not to mention the juiced body image for boys)

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