Blue is back. Talking animals are not.


I will admit that if I was in high school, I might find this funny in the way the high school kids think other stupid things are funny. But I will not back down on my stance that commercials with talking animals in them need to be wiped from agency creative departments for ever. Please, I’m begging you – make it stop.


One Response to “Blue is back. Talking animals are not.”

  1. 1 Gemma

    This looks like someone looked at the Skittles campaign and thought, “We’re a similar product and kids seem to like the weird randomness in these spots. Let’s do that!” But they lacked the talent or a willing client to make this anything more than a shilly mascot ad.

    Also the worst (and most common) thing you can do as a strategy is imitate your competition. Unless you’re the category leader and your goal is to just confuse people so they don’t switch (AT&T, Coke, etc).

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